Why Should I Get Solar Panels?

Reduced energy bills up to 70%*

Generating & selling your own energy

Cutting your fossil fuels by 1 tonne annually

and more...

You can save money

Using solar panels means you’ll be buying much less electricity from the electricity grid and your electricity provider,  so you’ll see an instant reduction in your electricity bills – up to 70%*.

Reduce your carbon footprint

The average home with a solar panel and battery system will save the planet 1 tonne in fossil fuels every single year. You can drastically reduce your household’s carbon footprint and become an example on how to live a greener life.

There are solar panel incentives

The UK government provides a range of financial incentives to support those going green with solar panels which makes the technology even more accessible.

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) allows those with excess electricity to export and sell this excess electricity back to the grid and receive payments for doing so. The price varies by electricity supplier, with the average being 5.4p/kWh.

A homeowner can obtain an Energy Performance Certification (EPC) which guarantees a minimum level of energy efficiency of a property. With this, you can apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The RHI means you could get cash payments from the government every three months.


Solar panels increase the value of your home

Installing a solar panel and battery storage system can also increase a home’s desirability and saleability by 14% on average and also increase the house price itself.

They’re easy to maintain

Solar panels need little to no maintenance. We only recommend wiping your panels down once a year to ensure dust, leaves and branches don’t cast a shadow on your panels and impact the amount of electricity you generate.

What returns should I expect from my solar panels?

We generally see returns of 5% as soon as you install your panels. To put this in context, an investment in a £10k solar panel and battery storage system will show you a net saving of £500 in your energy bills every year.

I am thinking about installing solar panels. Do I qualify?

Every property in the country is eligible to install a solar panel system, unless the property resides in a conservation area in which case planning permission is required. Solar panels are not allowed to be placed on listed buildings. For blocks of flats, you must own the freehold of the entire block to be allowed to install solar panels. The only other requirement is that you must be the homeowner.

I want to install solar panels. What happens next?

If you’re thinking about going green, we can help. With our digital technology, we will survey the shading around your property, the angle of your roof and the size of your roof to provide you with a range of accurate quotes for your solar panel system.

By letting us know your current energy consumption and the price of your electricity per kWh – all found on your energy bill – we can give you an estimate on the lifetime saving you will make by going green with your state-of-the-art solar panel technology.

We’ll discuss the different technologies out there and which system is right for you. With prices ranging from £1,000 for a 3-panel system, to over £20,000 for more than 20 panels and the best battery storage system on the market.

We’re completely independent from all solar technology companies on the market right now but we know them all. We work with a range of different installation partners all over the country and provide transparent, unbiased advice on how you can go green.

We also don’t have a call centre or sales team. When you speak to us, you’ll be speaking directly to one of our expert energy assessors!

Solar Panel System Pricing Range

1kW Power

3-4 Panels

£1,000 to £2,800

2kW Power

5-8 Panels

£2,900 to £5,400

3kW Power

8-12 Panels

£3,800 to £7,000

4kW Power

10-15 Panels

£5,000 to £9,000

5kW Power

13-20 Panels

£5,800 to £11,100

6kW Power

15-23 Panels

£7,100 to £14,100

7kW Power

18-26 Panels

£8,900 to £14,200

8kW Power

20-30 Panels

£9,900 to £16,800

The price ranges are generally based on the number of panels, the capacity of the battery storage system and the brand of system you go for, from Tesla Energy averaging at £7k, to Sun Power around £4k. Don’t worry, call us or make an appointment. When you speak to an assessor, they’ll give you all the information you need! 

Ask for a free, no obligation online assessment

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Pinpoint your front door and we’ll give you free, independent advice on your technology needs and quotes to match.

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*Savings are dependant on many different factors, such as but not limited to property orientation, shading, climate, system size and energy consumption. This will be dependent on the output of the home evaluation and your daily usage

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