We use technology to match your energy usage and property size with the solar panel systems we recommend you should install for the best return

By going Green and improving your carbon footprint, you’ll benefit from…

Reduced energy bills up to 70%*


Cutting your fossil fuels by 1 tonne annually

Solar Panel System Pricing

1kW Power

3-4 Panels

£1,000 to £2,800

2kW Power

5-8 Panels

£2,900 to £5,400

3kW Power

8-12 Panels

£3,800 to £7,000

4kW Power

10-15 Panels

£5,000 to £9,000

5kW Power

13-20 Panels

£5,800 to £11,100

6kW Power

15-23 Panels

£7,100 to £14,100

7kW Power

18-26 Panels

£8,900 to £14,200

8kW Power

20-30 Panels

£9,900 to £16,800

The price ranges are generally based on the number of panels, the capacity of the battery storage system and the brand of system you go for, from Tesla Energy averaging at £7k, to Sun Power around £4k. 

Don’t worry, when you speak to an assessor, they’ll give you all the information and costs based on your specific energy needs! 

The important thing with solar is to generate enough energy you need on a monthly basis, to put a to stop your electricity bills, which is exactly what ZaveEnergy specialise in recommending. 

 Get 3+ quotes above in minutes for your exact needs…

No obligation, online quotes in minutes

We use Maps and our own technology to perform online quotes within minutes.

Pinpoint your home and we’ll give you free, independent advice on your technology needs and a range of quotes to match.

What happens next?



At ZaveEnergy, we’ve produced our own technology to power our online quotes. With this and a short conversation about your energy usage and habits over phone or email, we will give you immediate quotes and recommendations on which solar power and battery systems to choose from.

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Your dedicated Solar Assessor will hand-hold you through the whole process, so you know exactly what system you are choosing, what the installation process will be and what your yield and returns will be. This will all be done via video call, telephone or email at a time that suits you best.

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When you’re ready to go ahead, we’ll book in your installation with a fully accredited, MSC registered engineer, install the system over 1 or 2 days. From then on you’re set and ready to live a greener lifer with ZaveEnergy and your new solar power system.

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You’ve reduced energy consumption, saved money on your energy bills and improved your carbon footprint. We’re always one call away, if you have any questions. Problems are rare, but we’re on-hand to help, if there are any. 

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Our Latest Offer

4kW Solar Panel System for under £5k all inclusive


All our energy assessors have a minimum 5 years experience. We’ll visit you anywhere in the UK, and give you impartial advice, from system, to pricing, such as, Tesla and sonnenBatterie.

We remain 100% independent, as assessors, and ensure our installation partners are fully certified & accredited.

PV Solar Systems &
Battery Storage

By going solar, you’ll be generating free, Green energy through your Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.
Store the excess solar generation with your new state-of-the art battery systems to be used another time.
And start saving on your energy bills from Day One.

Save Further with Bulb Today

Start saving more on all your bills by buying renewable, Green energy with a quote from Bulb.
100% renewable electricity, generated from solar, wind and hydro sources.
Find out how much further you can save with a free quote today.

Why Go Renewable? Let’s Get Technical

Let’s talk more about Solar Generation, PV Panels and Batteries

Solar energy battery systems allows you to capture free electricity through the PV (Photovoltaic) solar panels for your property. With a battery, you can more effectively store unused electricity to maximise on the amount of renewable energy you use throughout the day. This will help you use the energy you’ve generated during all hours of the day and night, and also help you save money on your bills throughout the month.

*Savings are dependant on many different factors, such as but not limited to property orientation, shading, climate, system size and energy consumption. This will be dependent on the output of the home evaluation and your daily usage

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