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Home Energy

 We work everywhere in the UK, and give impartial advice & 3+ quotes, from system, to pricing, such as, Tesla and sonnenBatterie. All our energy assessors have a minimum 5 years experience.
We remain 100% independent and ensure our installation partners are fully certified & accredited.

PV Solar Systems &
Battery Storage

By going solar, you’ll be generating free, Green energy through your Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.
Store the excess solar generation with your new state-of-the art battery systems to be used another time.
And start saving on your energy bills from Day One.

Save Further with Bulb Today

Start saving more on all your bills by buying renewable, Green energy with a quote from Bulb.
100% renewable electricity, generated from solar, wind and hydro sources.
Find out how much further you can save with a free quote today.

Ask for a free, no obligation online assessment

We use Google Maps and our own technology to perform an online quotes for you within minutes.

Pinpoint your front door, and we’ll give you free, independent advice on your technology needs and quotes to match.

How It Works...



At ZaveEnergy, we’ve produced our own technology to power our online quotes. With this and a short conversation over phone or email about your energy usage and habits, we will give you immediate quotes and recommendations on which solar power and battery systems are right for you.

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From outside your property, we’ll check your property orientation, shading and inspect your roof.  We’ll confirm your quotes, the number of panels, system and technology requirements. We can discuss these recommendations at your home or continue over phone or email.

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When you’re ready to go ahead, we’ll book in your installation with a fully accredited, MSC registered engineer, install the system over 1 or 2 days. From then on you’re set and ready to live a greener lifer with ZaveEnergy and your new solar power system.

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You’ve reduced energy consumption, saved money on your energy bills and improved your carbon footprint. We’re always one call away, if you have any questions. Problems are rare, but we’re on-hand to help, if there are any. 

Meet the Team

Steve Harris, the Founder, is the personality behind all the good reasons why you should Go Clean, Go Green. He’s passionate about hand holding property owners through the tangled maze of energy reducing solutions, which is usually provided by uncaring, hungry, sales-people. Steve is always available to help with confusing options you may have been presented previously and give you clear and transparent advice from his wealth of experience.
Lesley Harris has 40 years experience directing customer services and back office operational procedures within international, national and local businesses. Her attention to detail is profound and is a tremendous assistance to ZaveEnergy’s start up activity. Lesley leads our customer services and support teams, always ensuring your every need and question is answered in the best possible way. Lesley has been with the business since Day 1 and is always at-hand to personally handle any matter.

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How Else to ZaveEnergy?

So you’re looking at installing electric vehicle charging points at your business or home, we’ll help you do this. Drive green and charge your car through the green electricity you generate through your solar panels and batteries. Or even if you don’t go solar, we’ll still guide you through your EV charging needs.

Air-Source and Ground-Source heat pumps are a green way of creating hot water to heat your home. They naturally absorb heat from either the air or the ground. Whilst Ground-Source has a higher upfront cost, it is a more efficient when it comes to heating your home, giving you even more savings on your energy bills. There are also government incentives, such as the Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI), which have higher payments for Ground-Source, than Air-Source, meaning your savings will increase in the long term. Our Energy Assessors will tell you all there is to know.

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