ZaveEnergy's Solar Panel Installation Guide

Once you’re ready to go ahead with your chosen solar panel system, there will be a small deposit of between £100 to £400.

Every installation partner we work with is an MSC-certified installer as a minimum. Every one of our partners are tried, tested and vetted by our team of energy assessors. If we’re not happy with them, we don’t work with them.

When it comes to installing your solar panel system, this will be done by a 3-person team over two days. The team will consist of 2 specialist installers and an electrical engineer.

The Installation Process

The installation team will use scaffolding to access your roof and then start to install the roof anchors and the frame which form the base of the solar panels. If you’re building a new home or renovating your roof, we highly recommend doing this before the roof is in place – this way, your panels will be flush with the roof tiles.

Once the anchors and frames are in, the solar panels are slotted into place and wired with connections to your electricity unit and meter. The team will run all the tests needed and then run you through the system, so you know exactly how it works. You can now relax and start to generate your own electricity, emission free.

We’ll be on hand after the installation to take you through any questions you have. Problems are very rare, but we’re here for you.

Once you’ve installed your solar panel system, make sure you let your home insurance provider know, so they can update their records and policy.

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