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Solar Panel System Pricing

1kW Power

3-4 Panels

£1,000 to £2,800

2kW Power

5-8 Panels

£2,900 to £5,400

3kW Power

8-12 Panels

£3,800 to £7,000

4kW Power

10-15 Panels

£5,000 to £9,000

5kW Power

13-20 Panels

£5,800 to £11,100

6kW Power

15-23 Panels

£7,100 to £14,100

7kW Power

18-26 Panels

£8,900 to £14,200

8kW Power

20-30 Panels

£9,900 to £16,800

The price ranges are generally based on the number of panels, the capacity of the battery storage system and the brand of system you go for, from Tesla Energy averaging at £7k, to Sun Power around £4k. Don’t worry, after filling out the quote form above, an energy assessor will recommend a range of systems right for your specific daily energy usage and requirements.


The important thing with solar is to generate enough energy you need on a monthly basis, to put a to stop your electricity bills, which is exactly what ZaveEnergy specialise in recommending. 


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